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Doug believes a Financial Professional, experienced in Family Law matters, can be an invaluable and cost-effective asset to clients in their separation/divorce work, especially fulfilling a Neutral role as part a Collaborative Team. The Collaborative Process enables clients to respectively develop a Settlement that meets their interests and needs rather than an impersonal court imposed one.

Doug has been providing trusted Financial advice for over forty years and Collaborative Practice and Divorce Financial Planning services for over fifteen years. His credentials include
o Chartered Accountant (CA)
o CFP® (Certified Financial Planner)
o EPC (Elder Planning Counsellor)

His services include
o Discussions and information on Process Options including:
 Kitchen Table
 Collaborative Process
 Mediation

o Financial Disclosure, including:
 Preparation
 Explanations

o Settlement Options, including:
 Identification
 Preparation
 Explanation & Evaluation including Short & Longer-Term Impacts

o Longer Term Financial Plans
He is passionate in working with clients to ensure they understand the process they are undertaking, the decisions they are going to face, the short- and long-term implications of settlement options they will be presented with.

He welcomes the opportunity to provide a no cost initial consultation to ensure that clients fully understand the role he can play in their process.

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